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Investing in Niagara

Annual Investment in Niagara

In 1880, Bertie and Willoughby Mutual was formed by a group of farmers who were unable to find fire insurance at a reasonable cost. They got together to form their own insurance company. In 1898, Clinton Mutual was formed under similar circumstances. These two companies operated independently until 1970 when they amalgamated to Bertie & Clinton Mutual Insurance Company. In 2018, we rebranded to BCM Insurance.

Our origins were born out of a need to serve our community. As a way to expand our service to our community, we launched our Community Grants Program in 2019. Through this program our goal is to strengthen local non-profit organizations’ capacity to continue to do their great work in serving Niagara’s communities.

Grant Recipients – 2021
Grant Recipients – 2020
Grant Recipients – 2019

Does Your Initiative Qualify?

Grants are only available to organizations with an annual operating budget under $2 million (for 2021 applications, budgets would be net of one-time pandemic grants). Foundations affiliated with organizations having an annual operating budget over $2 million are not eligible to apply. We have identified two types of initiatives to support. We are in the business of insuring assets and as such, one category of projects that we want to support is for renovations or equipment that can be sustained on an on-going basis beyond our funding. The maximum grant in this category is $25,000. We also want to broaden awareness in our community about BCM Insurance, so we are interested in being the title sponsor for special events taking place in our community. The maximum grant in this category is $15,000. The total amount available to grant in 2021 is just over $120,000.

The Application

The deadline for 2021 is March 1st. However, only applicants who speak to our Grants Administrator at least one week prior to the deadline will have their applications reviewed by our Grant Assessors. The grant cannot be used to fund expenses incurred prior to applicant receiving notification of obtaining the grant, which will be April 30th. The Grants Administrator can be reached at Just send your name and a day time phone number along with a brief description of your project. You will be called back shortly after sending your email.

We also want to hear directly from you about your project and realize that site visits are time consuming for both organizations and our volunteer assessors. In light of this, we are asking all applicants to prepare a three-minute video on their project. This way you have an opportunity to share with us your passion for your organization and project and how BCM Insurance can help ignite that passion. Further details on the video are included in the grant application. This does not need to be a professionally produced video. It can be as simple as one produced on a cell phone.

Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Alignment with funding criteria
  • Need for the project
  • Depth of impact in community
  • Alignment with BCM geographic community served
  • Sustainability of project beyond funding
  • Demonstrates passion for the project
  • Recognition opportunities for BCM Insurance

The fillable application form is available in three formats.

To use a fillable PDF application form click here.

To use a fillable MSdoc application form click here.

To use a fillable MSdocx application form click here.

Once you’ve downloaded a copy of the grant application, save it and complete it on your computer.

All applicants will be notified via email prior to April 30th as to the status of their request.

Successful grant recipients will be required to sign a grant agreement. Grants that are scheduled to be completed within one year will receive 90% of the grant upon receipt of signed agreement. The final 10% will be forwarded upon receipt of the final grant report. Grants that are scheduled to be completed over a two-year period will receive 50% of the grant upon receipt of signed grant agreement, 40% upon receipt of an interim report with the final 10% forwarded upon receipt of final grant report.

Applicants should be aware that the amount of the grant awarded may vary from the amount of grant requested.