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Annual Investment in Niagara

In 1880, Bertie and Willoughby Mutual was formed by a group of farmers who were unable to find fire insurance at a reasonable cost. They got together to form their own insurance company. In 1898, Clinton Mutual was formed under similar circumstances. These two companies operated independently until 1970 when they amalgamated to Bertie & Clinton Mutual Insurance Company. In 2018, we rebranded to BCM Insurance.

Our origins were born out of a need to serve our community. As a way to expand our service to our community, we launched our Community Grants Program in 2019. Through this program our goal is to strengthen local non-profit organizations’ capacity to continue to do their great work in serving Niagara’s communities.

Each year BCM Insurance sets aside money to be given back the local community in efforts to create a social, environmental, or economic positive impact and reach our mandate of creating sustainable, livable, and workable communities in  Niagara.

Because BCM Insurance is a 140+ year old company, we know how to make an impact that lasts. We want to help deserving projects, and companies reach their mandates and have longevity of doing good for Niagara!

Grant Recipients – 2021
Grant Recipients – 2020
Grant Recipients – 2019

Only applicants who speak to our Grants Administrator at least one week prior to the deadline will have their applications reviewed by our Grant Assessors. The grant cannot be used to fund expenses incurred prior to the applicant receiving notification of obtaining the grant. The Grants Administrator can be reached at abiancaniello@bcminsurance.com. Just send your name and a daytime phone number along with a brief description of your project. You will be called back shortly after sending your email.

We also want to hear directly from you about your project and realize that site visits are time-consuming for both organizations and our volunteer assessors. In light of this, we are asking all applicants to prepare a three-minute video on their project. This way you have an opportunity to share with us your passion for your organization and project and how BCM Insurance can help ignite that passion. Further details on the video are included in the grant application. This does not need to be a professionally produced video. It can be as simple as one produced on a cell phone.

The BCM Insurance Grant Eligibility Check List Includes:

  1. The project or company must reside in the Niagara Region.
  2. Projects and organizations must be putting forth special events (trade show, charity event, fundraiser, donation, special recognition, or similar). Capital assets such as land, property, and equipment will not be considered for the Grant Program.
  3. Must have a measurable environmental, economic, or social benefit (i.e., amount of food delivered)
  4. The project must have adequate financing to be completed.
  5. Demonstrate how the project adds to livable, workable, and sustainable Niagara communities.
  6. Highlight the core audience, purpose, broadcasting reach, duration, date, time, exposure, and BCM volunteer ask.
  7. Outline additional partners or financial backing in the community.
  8. Be able to complete reporting metrics on the effect of donation contribution that BCM provided.
  9. Communicate strategic KPIs that the project or company are wanting to achieve.
  10. Budgetary breakdown of the event with a clear point of contact who will oversee both the event and monetary contribution.

Successful grant recipients will be required to sign a grant agreement. Grants that are scheduled to be completed within one year will receive 90% of the grant upon receipt of signed agreement. The final 10% will be forwarded upon receipt of the final grant report. Grants that are scheduled to be completed over a two-year period will receive 50% of the grant upon receipt of signed grant agreement, 40% upon receipt of an interim report with the final 10% forwarded upon receipt of final grant report.

Applicants should be aware that the amount of the grant awarded may vary from the amount of grant requested.