Niagara’s Mutual Insurance Company Since 1880

Our origins were born out of a need to serve the local community.

In 1880, Bertie and Willoughby Mutual was formed by a group of farmers who were unable to find fire insurance at a reasonable cost. In light of that, they got together to form their own insurance company. In 1898, Clinton Mutual was formed under similar circumstances. These two companies operated independently until 1970 when they amalgamated to Bertie & Clinton Mutual Insurance Company. In 2018, the company re-branded to BCM Insurance Company along with updates to the logo. In 2022, the company made some additional changes to the logo.

Niagara Falls - BCM Insurance
Lake Ontario - BCM Insurance

BCM Insurance is a Mutual Insurance Company, meaning that we are community based, and owned entirely by our policyholders. BCM Insurance is governed by a Board of Directors, which is elected from among our Policyholders.

We are also members of the Ontario Mutual Insurance Association (OMIA), which has a long history of serving the mutual community.

A lot has changed over the years, however our approach to taking care of the insurance needs of our policyholders has remained the same. At BCM Insurance, “We have been keeping promises since 1880.”

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